• 2 Tutorials

    Bottom Turn

    <p>The bottom turn is commonly seen as the backbone of performance surfing.</p>
  • 2 Tutorials

    Cross Step

    <p>Learning the motion of crossing one leg over the other will allow you to gracefully control your speed along the wave.</p>
  • 2 Tutorials


    <p>Learn the techniques to do Cutbacks & Roundhouse Cutbacks.</p>
  • 2 Tutorials

    Duck Dive

    Learn to Duck Dive properly, Step by Step. The duck dive is the technique used by surfers to sink their surfboards underwater so they can…
  • 2 Tutorials


    <p>A number of unwritten rules made to keep surfers safe.</p>
  • 6 Tutorials

    Paddle Technique

    <p>A proper paddling technique is one of the most crucial elements of your surf progression.</p>
  • 7 Tutorials

    Positioning for Waves

    <p>Discover a few reasons why other surfers might consistently be catching better waves than you.</p>
  • 5 Tutorials

    Reading Waves

    <p>Learn how to read waves and anticipate how they will break.</p>
  • 5 Tutorials

    Speed Generation

    <p>Learn how intermediate and advanced surfers use specific parts of the wave to create their own acceleration.</p>
  • 2 Tutorials


    <p>Learn the basics of the surf stance and surf better, with more style!</p>
  • 2 Tutorials

    Surfboards for Intermediates

    <p>Understand how to pick surfboards according to your weight, your surfing level and the surfing conditions you will surf in.</p>
  • 11 Tutorials

    Take Off Techniques

    <p>Improve your take offs</p>
  • 2 Tutorials

    Top Turn

    <p>Learn how to ride up to the top of the face and how to turn back down properly.</p>
  • 2 Tutorials

    Turning on a Longboard

    <p>Learning how to carve with a longboard is the key to many manoeuvers in surfing.</p>