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Discover what to focus on depending on where you’re at in your specific progression journey. The Coaching Board helps you identify the physical and mental skills to acquire according to your experience level.

Identify your Surf Level with our Coaching Board

Check your Level

The cards are colour-coded to 4 experience levels, so you can easily find what’s relevant to you.

Pick a Technique

For each technique, you will find a progression of physical and mental skills to coach yourself.

Focus on the Right Thing

Click through to find the tutorial sections explaining the specific concept to learn for your level.

Learn TO SURF with Structure

📋 Structured Courses

Easily find the content you need to watch to accelerate your progression! Our structured courses include common mistakes, key elements, written articles with illustrations and quizzes. 

🎥 Video Tutorials

Our courses feature high-quality videos with illustrations, motion design and hyper-slow motion.

🎥 Common Mistakes

Avoid bad habits! Learn to surf without the most common mistakes we see from students.

🔑 Key Elements

Key Elements summarize the crucial knowledge & skills of each course. They can help you practise with more focus.

🙋 Quizzes

Take our Quizzes to test your understanding of the techniques.

Online Structured Surf Courses
Learn Proper Foundations

🎥 Video Tutorials

We’ve taught thousands of students how to surf better on our retreats for over a decade. This has given us unique insight into how to break down surf techniques into easy, digestible bits.

Premium Video Tutorials

Watch high-quality video tutorials with illustrations, animations, motion design and hyper slow motion.

Chaptered Courses

Easily access specific parts of our tutorials. Our videos are broken down into digestible sections using chapters.

Written Content & Illustrations

Access a written and illustrated breakdown under each video tutorial.

Video Surf Tutorials
Receive Feedback from coaches

💬 Discussions

Ask questions and receive feedback! Join a community of like-minded surf enthusiasts, share experiences with them and get answers from our Barefoot Coaches.

Members like You

Join a community of like-minded surfers worldwide who are also passionate about progressing their surfing.

Get replies from Barefoot Coaches

Ask questions and receive answers from Barefoot Surf Coaches.

Share with the Community

Share your experiences and find solutions through our community.

Discussions About Your Surf Techniques
Practise with focus

🔑 Key Elements

Practise with more focus. The Key Elements summarize the crucial knowledge & skills of each course. Click them to jump right to what you need to focus on during your next surf. 

Surfing Key Elements to Know

A Quick Reference

Use the Key Elements as your reference for the most important ”Keys” of each technique. 

Your Checklist

The Key Elements can serve as your checklist of things you should learn and apply to master a technique. 

Save Time

Clicking on Key Elements immediately redirects you to specific sections of our content, saving you time.

Avoid the illusion of knowing

🙋 Quizzes

Are you sure you know how to paddle on a surfboard efficiently? Do you know how to generate speed on a wave or set yourself for a deep bottom turn? Our quizzes will test your understanding of the surf techniques and help you retain the essential elements.

Test your Knowledge

After completing the courses, take our Quizzes to test your understanding of the techniques and avoid the illusion of knowledge. Quizzes feature a mix of multiple questions, true or false and reorder.

Learn to Surf Quiz
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Mobile App

Download the courses on your devices for offline access anytime! Once you create your account, head over to the App Store or Google Play Store to download the Barefoot App on your phone and tablet. 

Learn to Surf Mobile App

Videos loaded locally

Select which courses you want to download on your device. Easily access them on a plane, on the beach and in places with limited internet connection.

Native feel

The app offers a better experience when navigating the content and watching videos. It’s also faster to access directly from your mobile’s home screen.

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