about Barefoot Surf

The story of why we built this platform

Hi there. If you’re reading this, you’re probably like us. You want to improve your surfing and have more fun. To explain why we are in a unique position to help you do that, we need to go back in time a bit.

We, the cofounders, come from inland Canada, 500 km from the ocean. In our late teens, we learned to surf the hard way, by ourselves. We ended up surfing the wrong surfboard, driving to the wrong surf spots and were generally unaware of our poor technique.

For more than a decade, we travelled the world to surf. Luckily we met experienced surfers who shared some essential technique tips that were a game-changer for us.

We realized we had an advantage. The struggles we went through by getting into the game too late and figuring out so many things by trial and error gave us a deeper understanding of a surfer’s struggles.

In 2012, we started organizing surf coaching retreats. We made it a personal mission to build a surf coaching program that would deliver everything we wish we would have known during our first years of progression.

Something was missing to our coaching program. Our coaching evolved and became similar to elite surf coaching but adapted for beginners and intermediates. Video analysis was a fantastic tool, but we needed videos to help students visualize precise adjustments. So we created our tutorials.

In 2020, our answer to Covid was to make our coaching available to the world. Through the hundreds of surf coaching trips we’ve run, we learned the importance of getting feedback or avoiding the illusion of knowledge, so we created an online coaching platform with premium tutorials and tools like community discussions, key elements and quizzes.

This is just the beginning for us. We’re driven to keep improving our coaching because we believe surfing is exponentially more fun the better you get.