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Simple, Powerful Techniques to Accelerate Your Surfing

Are you a beginner or intermediate surfer? Start perfecting your surfing foundations today!

Get access to 5 free video courses 
designed to help you accelerate your surf progression & have more fun!

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

1. Learning Tips

Discover valuable insights on how you can “learn how to learn to surf” more efficiently. We share what we wished we had known in the first decade of our surfing progression.

2. Take Off

Find out what take off technique works best for you. This course includes tips on practicing your take off at home, the most common mistakes and how to fix them.

3. Catch Unbroken Waves

Gain insight into how you can position yourself better to catch green waves. Learn how to paddle into unbroken waves without nose diving, going past the wave or getting stuck on top of it. This course will save you loads of frustrations!

4. Surf Etiquette

Learn the important unwritten rules of surfing: A code of conduct to stay safe and respectful of other surfers.

5. Duck Dive

Learn to duck dive properly step by step so you can waste less energy passing the break and keep your paddle power to catch more waves! 

Get Access To 5 Free Video Courses