Why Choose Nicaragua for your first Surf Trip?

When choosing a destination for your first surf trip, there are several things to consider. Are the waves suitable for beginners? What is your budget? Etc.

Here are 7 reasons why Nicaragua is an ideal destination for beginner surfers.

Surf Playa Hermosa Nicaragua

#1 The Consistency of the Surf

Surfing Nicaragua

The Pacific coast of Nicaragua offers some of the most consistent waves on the planet. In 5 years of operations at Barefoot Surf Travel, we are still waiting for our first day “without wave”. This is very rare, considering so many surf areas in the world can be completely flat for several days, or even several months per year.

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# 2 The Wind

When you start surfing, you don’t necessarily know the extent of the impact of the wind on surf conditions. When the wind pushes “Offshore”, meaning from the beach towards the ocean, it creates waves of much better quality than in the opposite case. Almost everywhere in the world, at 9am or 10am, the wind starts blowing in the wrong direction.

Surf Trip Nicaragua

In the southwestern region of Nicaragua, the wind blows in the right direction (Offshore), all day, more than 300 days per year! This makes so much difference and that’s one of the reasons why our students learn to surf a “green” wave so fast.

# 3 The Sand Bottom

Rex Calderon Air Surf
Photo by our friend Jesse Jay

It’s nice to learn to surf when you know that the bottom of the ocean is sandy. During our first days of learning, it’s normal to fall off our surfboards. Knowing that the possibility of contact with the bottom of the ocean isn’t risky, beginners can progress with confidence.

# 4 The Weather

Maderas Beach Nicaragua

The weather is very predictable. From December to July, we can expect a lot of sunshine. Aside from the period from August to early November, during which precipitations are more abundant, the temperature is ideal for a surf trip.

# 5 The Cost of Living

Without generalization, it is probably true that the cost of living is about half that in Costa Rica, the neighbouring country. It’s still possible to eat a local dish for USD 3 and get a beer for USD 1 at a restaurant.

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# 6 Warm Locals

Locals Playa Maderas Nicaragua

Nicaraguans are warm, welcoming, and have a great sense of humour. Less touristy than many other places in Central America, Nicaragua offers a unique and authentic cultural experience.

# 7 Extraordinary Destinations

Nicaragua offers several options to those who want to add another type of experience to their surf trip. The colonial city of Granada, Ometepe Island, Laguna de Apoyo, and Little Corn Island are among the favourites of travellers passing by.

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