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Get a clear idea of your surfing & what you could do differently with a personalized video review.


Acquire feedback on the essential elements you need to focus on in the water to get to the next level.

expert coaches

Receive instructions from the same experienced coaches that teach hundreds of surfers on our retreats.


one-on-one coaching

The combination of seeing yourself surfing on video and getting personalized advice from expert coaches will help you get significant results quickly.

With this video analysis, our coaches will give you a comprehensive review of your surfing, going through your areas of strength and areas of improvement. You will get a step-by-step plan for technical change that will accelerate your surfing progression.

How does it work?

The 3-step booking process is simple & easy! 

Fill Questionnaire

Send us a bit of information on your surfing experience, your goals, the equipment you use, etc.

Complete Payment

At the end of the questionnaire, select your package. Payments are accepted by credit card only.

Send your Footage

After payment, you will get a link to upload your videos. Your review will be sent within 5 business days.


The prices below are for “Premium Members”: people who have an active Monthly or Yearly subscription to Barefoot Surf Tutorial’s platform.

Single Review

In-Depth Review

200 USD for Non-Premium Members
$ 125
  • A Personalized Video Review​
  • Advice on how to improve your technique​
  • 2 or 3 Key Elements to focus on​
  • In-depth analysis with side-by-side examples
  • Ressources, tools & drills (if necessary)​

Pack of 3 Reviews

3X In-Depth Reviews

For Premium Members Only
$ 350
  • In Addition to all the features of a 1 X In-Depth Review:​
  • 1-on-1 Zoom meeting with your coach after your 1st review
  • Build a relationship with your coach​
  • Up to 1 year to request your three reviews
  • Follow up on your surf progression

What people say

Benjamin M
Benjamin M "Best Instructions EVER"
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"If you're looking to quickly improve your surfing skills, I cannot recommend the Barefoot program enough. As someone who took 10+ surfing lessons BEFORE doing the Barefoot camp, I can honestly say that learned more in the first two days with Barefoot than from all of my previous time in the water."
Gregg W.
Gregg W."I can't recommend Barefoot Surf enough"
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"As someone who had surfed some before the trip but was relatively new I found the video analysis super helpful. I felt like I learned a lot and definitely progressed my surfing. Overall a great experience!"
Jaimy H.
Jaimy H."I corrected a lifetime of skill deficits"
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"My level of surfing improved due to professional coaching for my level; I am a longboarder. Erin has extensive expertise in longboarding and helped me work towards correcting a lifetime of skill deficits."


Our coaching focuses on the surf levels below. If you feel like one of these represents where you’re at in your progression, or if you feel “in-between” these levels, you will certainly benefit from our coaching.

1.1: Beginner Foundations
“You never surfed before or tried only a few times.”

1.2 Beginner Progression
“You are starting to catch & surf unbroken waves by yourself.”

2.1 Intermediate Foundations
“You can consistently angle your take off & ride the shoulder.”

2.2 Intermediate Progression
“You are working on manoeuvres like cutbacks, floaters, snaps, etc.”

We ask to send about 5 – 10 waves because this amount of footage usually gives us a good idea of your surfing’s strengths and areas that need improvement.

Please consider that our pricing is based on an hourly rate for our coaches to provide the analysis. Our team will review your most relevant waves, about 5 of them. Even if you send, for example, 30 waves, we will not review each wave individually. If we did, there would be a lot of repetition. Our goal is to help you focus, not overload you with information.

You don’t need professional videographers to film your surfing if you can’t find one near you. You can either ask a friend to film you from the beach or go surfing with a few surfer friends and take turns.

Always film from the beach. In-water shots are very cool but aren’t ideal for coaching.

Depending on the surf spot you plan to surf, you might need a good zoom lens if surfers are riding far from the shore. Other spots will have waves breaking right near the beach, making it possible to film good footage with an iPhone.

Your footage doesn’t have to be in HD or 4k, but it will need to be of decent quality for our coaches to see your movements & decisions. Ideally, when the surfer is standing up, he/she would take at least 20% of the screen’s height. We often can still analyze videos when surfers take a bit less space on the screen if the quality is high enough.

If we believe we can’t offer you a quality video review with the footage you have sent us, we will send you a full refund.

Once you fill the questionnaire and complete your payment, you will get a link to a platform where you will drag your video files in and click “transfer”.

It is straightforward. After your payment, you automatically get an email with a short video tutorial on how to do it if you want to watch it.

It usually takes our team 5 working days or less to send the video feedback. If we’re swamped and need a bit more time, we will send you an email to let you know.

We recommend getting a review every 1 to 3 months, depending on how frequently you can practice. The idea is to try to implement the changes suggested by your coach into your practice and then follow up on them. If you can only surf once per week or less, you would probably need more time between the reviews, possibly 2 or 3 months. If you surf multiple times per week, you could follow up with a second review within 1 month.

We ask our students to request their 3 reviews within 1 year of their purchase. We allow extensions in situations such as injuries that could prevent students from using their reviews within 12 months.

You can reach us at support@barefootsurftutorials.com