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Sam Wilson Barefoot Surf Member Avatar
Sam Wilson
Ryan Park
Sign up on website. Then…There isn’t a better app in terms of detailed, technical description of all different levels. Super helpful, and they are a small group currently so they really provide customer Service because they care about their brand and customer experience.
Beginner Surfer
The app is super easy to use. The content is amazing – with great visuals and lots of helpful stuff for all skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced surfer, this app has everything you need to learn and improve. It’s a must-have for anyone who loves surfing!
Justin Polanco
Want to thank the Barefoot Team for an amazing experience! The team and fellow travelers are amazing people and I hope to cross paths again! I attended the Nicaragua retreat. If you’re an intermediate surfer who has struggled with progressing, this trip is for you! The combination of video analysis, in water coaching, and surf theory classes has pushed my surfing to the next level. The coaches were able to break down my deficiencies and give me drills and things to work on. Saw a jump in improvement from my first to last surf session! The coaches give you the tools to take home to continue to improve. After a few sessions back in the water in San Diego, I was surfing quicker with more confidence! I knew exactly what to work on! Grateful for my time there!
Jessica D. Thomas
David Hayes
The team at Barefoot Surf Travel are excellent at getting a beginning surfer like me to advance to the next level of surfing skill. For me it was “taking the drop” on green waves, but for others in my group it was bottom turns, or popups. I can take what I learned and apply it to my home surf spot and continue to improve. I did the one-week surf camp and every detail (coaching, accommodations, meals, etc) was handled flawlessly. Great experience!
David Burrus
I first found Barefoot Surf through their online surfing tutorials. If you haven’t checked them out on Youtube, you should. They even have their own app with tons of additional surf instructional material. Out of all the “how to surfing videos” I have come across, Barefoot’s are by far the best! I liked their videos so much that I decided to attend their surf camp in Nosara, Costa Rica. This honestly is where I learned the most! I have never actually seen myself surf on video. The Barefoot coaches would analyze each wave with you. Sometimes breaking it down slow-mo frame by frame. They would give you pointers and technique recommendations on what to work on and how to read the waves. I have been surfing for about 4 years, never super consistent since I don’t live near the ocean. I can honestly say that I learned more in this one week surf camp than I have in years on my own.
Benjamin Matthew
My experience with Barefoot was so awesome I felt compelled to write this. If you’re looking to quickly improve your surfing skills, I cannot recommend the Barefoot program enough. As someone who took 10+ surfing lessons BEFORE doing the Barefoot camp, I can honestly say that learned more in the first two days with Barefoot than from all of my previous time in the water. From a cost/instruction standpoint, Barefoot is a no brainer.
Anthony Thomas

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1% of every sale goes to nonprofit organizations that protect & clean our oceans.

We learnt the hard way, so you don’t have to.

We’ve distilled everything we know into our online coaching program to help people like you surf better, faster.

The course breaks down three universal truths that hinder progression:

    You lack surf knowledge & are unaware of the foundations you need to build.
  2. PRACTISE: You don’t practise efficiently with proper focus.
  3. RE-EVALUATION: You don’t get enough feedback on your surfing.

If you watched our video about John and Bill, you understood that John took a completely different learning approach than Bill, resulting in much faster progression & more fun in the water.

This program is a tool to help you learn to surf like John. We built it around the same 3 concepts: