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“Most helpful surf videos ever. Helped me spot so many things I was doing wrong. Thank you!”
Katherine G.
Katherine G.@
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“The best part of my trip with Barefoot was how much I improved my surfing. I’d done a bunch of single surf lessons before & this was the first time I actually felt like the surf guides were instructing, critiquing & pushing me to get better at surfing.”
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“As a novice, these are definitely the best produced, most easily understood surfing tutorials on the web. Simple, short and sweet. Love it. THANKS!”
Aimeé N
Aimeé N@Amaisurf
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This Surf Camp was incredibly fun! Accommodations were lovely and all the staff was super friendly. The instruction was world class and I feel I went next level with the skills I learned here. I will be back definitely
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"Although I’ve been surfing since 1968 I still can learn from watching these videos. We didn’t have any surfing schools back then. Everything I learned was from trial and error. Watching these videos show some of the mistakes I make even after 50 years of surfing!”

from only 9$/month

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- Professional surf coaching tutorials for beginner and intermediate surfers -

Is this for me?

Our surfing courses are specifically designed for the following levels of surfers:


Beginner Foundations

You never surfed before or tried only a few times


Beginner Progression

You are starting to catch & surf unbroken waves by yourself


Intermediate Foundations

You can consistently angle your take off & ride the shoulder 


Intermediate Progression

You are working on manoeuvres like cutbacks, floaters, snaps, etc.

What you will learn

  • How to read waves
  • How to pop up on a longboard
  • How to catch unbroken waves
  • How to paddle efficiently
  • How to turn in the white water
  • Basic footwork
  • Surfboard types for beginners
  • How to turtle roll
  • How to push through waves
  • Understand surf ethics
  • How to go left and right on a wave
  • How to duck dive
  • How to catch more waves
  • How to turn on a longboard
  • What is a proper surf stance
  • How to cross step on a longboard
  • Surfboards basics for intermediates
  • How to generate speed
  • How to do bottom turns
  • How to do top turns
  • How to pop up on shortboards
  • How to do cutbacks
  • How to catch better waves

We believe nothing is more enjoyable, satisfying and rewarding than a surfer's road to progression

Get access to the clearest, most user-friendly surfing tutorials🏄 that will accelerate your progression and increase your enjoyment in the water.

100% Money Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 7 day 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you are not satisfied, let us know and we will refund you 100%. 

Deductible on your next trip

Planning to join our surf coaching retreats in the future? Deduct the cost of your first purchase (yearly or monthly) on the balance of your surf trip! 


You can access our content on your phone, tablet and laptop, as the platform is fully responsive.

You can watch your tutorials on nearly any device:

  • Desktop, laptop, tablet or phone

Additionally, you can watch your content on your TV by:

  • Linking your iPhone phone or Mac computer using Airplay with Apple TV
  • Using an HDMI cord to connect a computer or laptop to your TV

Over the years, we have gained significant knowledge on how surfers progress, what are the key techniques they need to learn, what are the most common mistakes, how to fix them, etc.

Originally, we had designed our tutorials to help the hundreds of beginner & intermediate surfers that join our coaching retreats. They are specifically designed for the types of surfers that join our retreats, which are:

  • Surfers that never surfed before or tried only a few times
  • Surfers that are starting to catch & surf unbroken waves by themselves
  • Surfers that can consistently angle their take off & ride the shoulder 
  • Surfers that are working on manoeuvres like cutbacks, floaters, snaps, etc. 
  • You cannot be “too much of a beginner” to benefit from our tutorials. They are built specifically for beginner and intermediate surfers (including ones that have never tried surfing before).
  • You can be too advanced for our tutorials. At the moment we do not have advanced tutorials, for example, how to get barrelled, how to do airs, etc.

If you’re a beginner or an intermediate surfer, we have the package that fits your skills and goals.

We accept payments by credit cards or PayPal.

Monthly membership:

If you chose the monthly membership, you be billed a one-time sign-up fee of 40$, plus 15$ for the first month, and then 15$ monthly. This means that the day you subscribe, you will pay 55$ (a 40$ sign-up fee, plus 15$ for your first month of subscription).

The subscription payment will recur once every month on the same day as your first payment. For example, if you join us on the 9th of the month, your auto-renewal charge will remain on the 9th for each subsequent billing.

Annual membership:

On the day you subscribe, you will be charged 108$ and have access to our platform for 1 year.

If for example you subscribed on August 10th 2019, your auto-renewal date will be on August 10th 2020. On the auto-renewal date, you will be charged 108$ again for a one-year subscription.

Click here to see all our frequently asked questions or reach us at support@barefootsurftutorials.com


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