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Home Discussions Surfboards & Equipment What provides stability in a board? Reply To: What provides stability in a board?

  • PO YU

    September 29, 2021 at 2:40 pm

    Thanks for the information of your experience ! But I got a question for that.

    When you switch to next board. Is it like very easy to handle since you’ve already practice a lot on the last board? or it’s totally different and need more practice on the new board to get stable since the volume is lesser?

    I’m just curious that how and when do you know that it’s time to change board(besides the ocean condition, I mean the surf skill)? Since you’re very confidence on the last board? Is there any indicator to know?

    BTW, what’s the main reason that affect surfer’s ability to be stable on less volume board? Is it get diet and lose weight? Train more abs? Or just do more practice and get familiar with new boards on the water?

    (Sorry if the question is too much, and my poor English typing) 😅

    A surfer struggling with boards without foamy 😫