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Home Discussions Surfboards & Equipment What provides stability in a board? Reply To: What provides stability in a board?

  • Nicolas

    September 13, 2021 at 7:53 pm

    I think the width is more important for stability, but a better indicator may be the volume of the board. For a similar width or similar length, the volume can vary quite a lot.

    The volume you are accustomed to today is probably more than 100L. You may try to find a 70 to 80L first and then going to about 50L for your third board and then 35L.

    That is what I did and it works fine for me.

    My first board is a soft board 7’6″ of 74L.

    My second board is an epoxy board 7’2″ of 52L.

    My third board is a polyester board 6’5″ of 35L.

    I plan on buying a shorter board about 6’0″ of 28L later on.

    That is progressive and I still use each board according to the conditions.