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  • Marcelo

    June 17, 2021 at 8:14 pm

    I’m 6’3″, 175lbs and like you have been surfing for about 4 months now and also love it. I bought a 9’6 NSP board and it helped me a lot. It’s really easy to catch waves on that board, but you do have to put a lot more weight to make it turn. I noticed that when I borrowed my girlfriend’s 9 ft board. I wiped out a lot at first until I figured out I was heavy footed because of my 9’6. I’ve been thinking about getting a 9 now but i’m still happy with the 9’6″. Like I said, for me it’s a lot easier to catch waves in the 9’6″ than the 9, but the 9 is a little more fun. If I had not bought the 9’6″ I would probably buy a 9ft now.