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  • Andrea

    April 28, 2021 at 1:10 am

    Generally any suit will do but there are several things I take in to consideration when buying a suit specifically for surfing. I won’t buy anything with hardware, like beads or knots that it will sit under my rib cage or hips. They just dig in when you lie down on the board to paddle. I usually wear a one piece rash guard that looks like a gymnast bodysuit and zips up the back like a wetsuit. That way I don’t have to worry about embarrassing mishaps. A wetsuit will also generally keep your suit in place.

    If you are looking to surf bareback that narrows things down a bit. You need something that’s going to stay on that you don’t have to keep tugging and adjusting or chasing after in the surf. More expensive suits usually have a higher Lycra content which helps them cling to your body. You can also purchase the smallest size you can wear as that will tend to eliminate gaps in the fabric that could catch the water. It’s not as flattering, especially in the bottoms as it can create little “muffin tops” but better that than duck diving a wave and having your bottoms end up around your leash. You can also get an adjustable side tie that you can leave loose for sunbathing and tighten up for surfing. If you have a great butt you could go with a Brazilian or thong style because there’s very little fabric to catch the water. One of my friends likes to surf in a bikini top and board shorts over her bikini bottoms as that helps them stay on.

    For tops I have found the most secure to be a non-sliding or “fixed” triangle style with an X back and ties that you can cinch down as tight as you like. The sports bra and high neck styles are usually fairly secure as well. I have also surfed plenty of times in a plain black sports bra from Under Armour. It looks a little bit like bathing suit material and it does not come off. I know some girls who like to surf in a one piece but since I wear the bodysuit rash guard anyway I’ve never tried a one piece bathing suit for surfing.

    You’re looking for some thing that you like that you can move in that fits your style. Personally, I’ve had good luck with brands such as rip curl, Volcom and Roxy. Also some styles from fashion brands like Maaji, L*Space and Banana Moon will work for me. Carve Designs and Seea make “surfing specific “ suits, as does Patagonia.

    I hope this is useful and helps you narrow down the search. Good luck!