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  • Sean

    March 11, 2022 at 4:10 am

    Hi Teo

    Not sure if I can answer your question, but I can share with you my experience of recently buying a new board which might be relevant for you. A bit of background on me. I used to surf a lot as a teenager but I had to stop in my early 20s. I am now in my (very) late 30s. I am 180cm and around 85 kg.

    I was riding a decent 9′ foamie to get back into surfing and it was great. But as I was getting better and paddling out the back, having to position and focus more on turns on the face of the wave, the 9′ foamie was too cumbersome. I didn’t want to drop too much volume but I wanted something a bit shorter, more maneuverable and that I can duck-dive. I came across the ‘Performance Softboard’ by Island Surf (link below) and decided it was what I was looking for. I have gone with the 7’5″. A board like this might be a bit of compromise between your options.


    I have surfed it once and it took a few waves to get used to, but I was still catching everything (like on my 9′ foamie) though deeper take offs and a bit more effort to paddle (as I was expecting). Once I was up and riding I could feel the greater speed and maneuverability. Looking forward to taking it out again this weekend.

    I am lucky to live only a couple of hours drive to some great surf spots. There is also a really good wave pool only around 30 minutes drive from my place. Even so, I think this might be a good board for someone who can surf, but might not be able to get out as much as they would like.

    And just a note – I am not affiliated with Island Surfboards,

    I hope this is helpful.