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  • Alessandro

    August 16, 2020 at 11:24 pm

    Hi Kimberley
    Having gone through the whole process of trying and picking different boards to learn on i would say it depends what kind of waves your “local” beach has, does it have channels to paddle out, how crowded it is, whats the maximum volume you can duck dive, fit in your car, carry around etc.
    A longboard is always great to have as you can learn initially on it and later once you skill up you can still take the longboard out on smaller days, or days where you feel lazy and don’t want to chase the waves as much.
    If a longboard is too unpractical and big you can try a foam board around 7 or 8 feet.
    I would avoid shortboards for a while, and stick to longboards, mini malibus, foam boards and fish boards.

    Hope it helps.

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