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  • Advice for My Next Board

    Posted by Jochen on August 10, 2022 at 9:59 pm

    Hi there, I am looking for my next board. Copying below what I’ve been sharing with surfshops and companies about my background. My two favorites at the moment are

    1) The 8’6 EZ Street from Solid: https://solidsurf.co/shop/surfboard-models/retro-midlength-funboards-eggs/ez-street-model-retro-midlength-funboards-eggs/ez-street/
    2) The 8’6 Ultimate from Degree33: https://www.degree33surfboards.com/collections/longboards/products/8-6-ultimate-sky-epoxy

    Do you have a sense for which might be better, or something entirely different?

    I am 171cm and 64kg

    Started surfing in Spring last year on an 8′ Stormblade

    I go out at least once a week, sometimes daily, depending on conditions. I mostly surf Bolinas Jetty in California.

    Current skill-level:

    I have no problems getting out, turtle roll etc.

    I am pretty good at gauging which waves to go for and position myself relatively well overall.

    I am not (too) afraid going for 3-5 foot waves if they seem manageable and don’t close out right away.

    When conditions are decent, I am getting better at angling in either direction and am doing ok with trimming (would definitely like to get better here though).

    Just started learning more about carving and turning. I think this is where

    What I want from my next Board:

    paddle speed. I see people on ‘proper’ boards are faster when they paddle for the waves, so they get the ones I sometimes can’t get.

    I love long rides, trimming and am excited to also learn more about the carving/turning as well. The few times I tried successfully, I loved it. The typical days here require some carving/turning on longer rides due to the way the waves break.

    I’ve been looking at 8’6 or 9′

    Both my local shops showed me the Takayama In the Pink, I just don’t like the design with the stripes on the front, it also looks a little thick/bulky to me.

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  • Tabbi

    August 13, 2022 at 12:15 am

    Hey Jochen,

    Thanks for reaching out. Choosing the right board can be a tricky task for sure. You’re on the right track by starting by taking into account your weight, your surfing level and the surfing conditions you will be surfing in. Sounds like you’ve definitely done some research!

    You mentioned that you are after a new board that gives you 1. increased paddle speed and 2. maneuverability to start learning carving and even turning. Probably the first thing to remember is that surfboard shapes are all about compromise. Add volume, you gain floatation and stability but you lose manoeuvrability. Add rocker, you gain performance and responsiveness, but you lose speed and paddling into waves becomes harder. With that being said, both boards you have sent through are great brands and well known. They are the exact same length and very similar in volume. They also are both Epoxy construction, which will absolutely help to increase your paddle power. Off to a good start. However, the main difference between the two is the tail shape and fin setup. I would recommend you have a look at our free articles so that you have a better understanding of surfboard tail shapes, fins and their effects. This should help you make your decision to see which of these setups best fits your surfing level skill/ability. You can find them below:


    Once you have had a look over, feel free to reach out again if you have any other questions. Both boards are great options, it just depends which tail/fin setup you think will suit your skill level and the waves you will be riding consistently at your local break.

    Hope this helps with making your decision!


    Different Surfboard Tail Shapes

  • Jochen

    August 13, 2022 at 1:36 am

    Thank you, Tab, this is very helpful!

    Interestingly, the Solid rep said “it will work in basically anything, we designed it with that in mind. Longboard nose up front for paddle speed and easy wave catching with a performance cruiser rear for maneuverability and hold.”, in your overview it says it’s hard to manoeuvre.

    I do like their organic / eco-friendly production, so will check with them about other options like their more traditional longboard https://solidsurf.co/shop/surfboard-models/longboards/lhp/

    Thanks again,


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