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There is a path that can accelerate your progression.

Surf Better, Faster.

Learning to surf is hard and can feel discouraging. But what if there was another path, a different learning approach, that you could apply to accelerate your progression and have more fun? This path is what Barefoot Premium is all about.

For the last 15 years, Gab and I have successfully helped thousands of surfers transform their surfing through our Surf Coaching Retreats worldwide and now through this Online Coaching Program.

Reach The Surf Level You Dream of

When you know exactly WHAT techniques you should learn at your specific level, precisely HOW to perform them and get access to feedback, you can make significant improvements and build solid foundations to reach the level you crave to be at. When you reach this surf level, you feel accomplished. Your love for surfing grows, and you have more fun. 

– “Life is better when you surf.”
We didn’t come up with that line, but we couldn’t agree more! Are you ready to take the first step in reaching the surfing level you dream of and have more fun?

What You Get

Since you’re reading this, you’re either a beginner surfer who wants to get serious about surfing but is unsure where to start or an intermediate surfer who has been trying to learn on your own with limited success. Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate, this program is the ultimate tool to help you achieve the level of surfing you envision.

When you join Barefoot Premium, you get access to all our Online Surf Courses with every Video Tutorial we have ever created. We have broken up this training into individual Surf Courses, where we walk you through all the steps to learn and implement the techniques.

You will access our Coaching Board and Key Elements sections that we designed to help you identify the most important techniques for your specific level. These tools will help you apply the theory to your practice by helping you focus, which is a game-changer.

You also get access to a community of surfers and coaches ready to answer concerns and questions. This will give you the support and feedback you need for an efficient surf progression journey.

We built this Online Coaching Platform around the 3 Pillars essential to an efficient surf progression: Awareness, Practice and Feedback. With it, you can change your learning approach to fuel your surf progression and reach your desired level.
Will you take the blue pill or the red one?

In the movie The Matrix, there’s a famous scene where Neo needs to decide: Take the blue pill and return to experiencing only a world of illusion, or take the red one and understand what is actually happening outside of the Matrix’s illusion. This is you right now. You probably have a vision of how you want to surf a few years from now.

Do you have a plan on how to get there, or is this vision just a fantasy?

If you are getting into the game as an adult and think that you will reach the surfing level you envision by figuring things out on your own by trial and error, you are taking the blue pill and living in a world of illusion. You either underestimate the time it takes to learn to surf properly, how technically complex the sport is, or both.

You can’t keep jumping in the water without a clue about what to practise. You need to be Aware of the foundations for your specific level, Practise with focus, and get Feedback from coaches or experienced surfers

5 years from now

5 years from now, you don’t want to see a video of yourself surfing and think: “I wonder what my surfing would look like today if I had taken the red pill, got the foundations down, practised with focus and got feedback?”. 

“Take the red pill, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. Remember. All I’m offering is the truth, nothing more.”  – Morpheus 

We love this line because, to us, going deep down the rabbit hole is what it means to take your surf progression seriously. It will often be a difficult, complex, wild journey with highs and lows, and we’d be honoured to guide you through it, but you’re the one who will need to take the leap.

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Your investment is Guaranteed

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By getting Premium, you get:

• Access to all 24 Courses (100+ Premium Tutorials)

• The Coaching Board to focus on the right techniques for your level

• Join a community of like-minded surf enthusiasts

• Get answers from our Coaches

• Test your knowledge with quizzes at the end of each course

• Use the Barefoot Surf App to Download your courses offline

What people say

“I learned how to surf when I was young, but I was never taught the fundamentals. This app is incredibly helpful in learning, or re-learning the technicalities of surfing. The app also supports a range of experience. The surf camp is also an awesome trip, the team is not only professional, but they integrate the local community. Highly recommend both”. – AuntieJac66  ★★★★★

“I love the app, it’s amazing! Such good tips, love the visuals. I have been understanding my mistakes. Visualizing what I need to do to improve my surfing. Good job Barefoot!” – Nathscc ★★★★★

“Very high quality videos and tutorials! Definitely recommend for beginners and intermediate surfers who want to progress and build proper technique“. – Zyx2145 ★★★★★

1% of every sale goes to nonprofit organizations that protect & clean our oceans.