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There is a path,
a different learning approach that can accelerate your progression & dramatically increase your fun.

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Learning to surf can be one of the most fulfilling experiences of your life. But if you’re anything like us and discovered surfing later in life, you’ll know that learning is no easy feat.

You probably started surfing with the expectation that you’d progress from novice to advanced in a decent amount of time. And it’s only now that the reality has sunk in – you’ve literally taken up the most difficult individual leisure sport there is.

Whether you just discovered surfing and have no idea where to start, not progressing as quickly as you hoped, or plateauing and looking to advance your surfing, you’ve come to the right place.

We know first-hand that the combination of getting in the game as an adult and figuring things out by trial and error is a recipe for frustration and discouragement. When we were learning in our late teens, even though we dedicated loads of time and energy, we weren’t progressing to our full potential.

Looking back, most of our mistakes could have been avoided if we had access to clear pointers, step-by-step explanations and consistent feedback.

We learnt the hard way, so you don’t have to.

We’ve distilled everything we know into our online coaching program to help people like you surf better, faster.

The course breaks down three universal truths that hinder progression:

    You lack surf knowledge & are unaware of the foundations you need to build.
  2. PRACTISE: You don’t practise efficiently with proper focus.
  3. RE-EVALUATION: You don’t get enough feedback on your surfing.

If you watched our video about John and Bill, you understood that John took a completely different learning approach than Bill, resulting in much faster progression & more fun in the water.

This program is a tool to help you learn to surf like John. We built it around the same 3 concepts:

We learnt the hard way, 
so you don’t have to.

We’ve distilled everything we know into our online coaching program to help people like you surf better, faster. The course breaks down three universal truths that hinder progression:

1 Awareness
2 Practice
3 Re-Evaluation


A lack of awareness when it comes to proper technique and board selection is the single biggest hindrance to progression. It takes time and conscious effort to understand the fundamentals of surfing.

Our online coaching program guides you through the fundamentals of surfing, providing you with a solid framework to hone in on your skills and scale your surf knowledge. Our structured modules and video tutorials break down the formula for good surfing and give you practical tools to channel your newfound awareness in your next session.



Inefficient practice without proper focus is the next biggest hindrance when it comes to getting better at surfing. We’ve hosted hundreds of surf retreats and helped thousands of surfers fast-track their progression. In doing so, we’ve identified the most common mistakes surfers make - and how to fix them.

Throughout this section of our online coaching program, we help you visualize and put into action the layers of small detail that are crucial to improving your overall technique.



When you don’t have regular, quality feedback on your surfing, it’s incredibly difficult to understand what changes you need to make to surf better.

Our online coaching platform includes a discussions section for you to ask questions and connect with a community of surfers from all over the world. Receive personalized feedback and test your surf knowledge with various quizzes.

Our Courses & Tutorials

Our Courses
& Tutorials

  Practice & Illusion of Knowledge
  Feedback & Foundations
  The Progression Loop
  The Automated Brain

  Surfboards for Beginners
  Surfboards for Intermediates

  Minimizing Resistance
  Maximizing Propulsion
  Sprinting & Kicking
  Equipment Drag

  The right Take Off Technique for you?
  Push Up Technique
  Chicken Wing Technique
  Standard Pop Up
  Post-Take Off Position
  Practice at Home

Common Mistakes
  Using the Knees
  Looking Down
  Not Creating Space
  Using Hands Incorrectly

  Push Through
  Turtle Roll
  Duck Dive

  4 Stages of a Wave
  Adapting your Approach – Seafloor, Conditions & Equipment
  The Precise Slope: Using Gravity
  Using your Head’s Weight
  Avoiding Nose Dives
  Last Paddle Strokes & Take Off at the Top

  Angling: What Level is Necessary
  Why Angle the Take Off?
  How to Angle the Take Off
  When & How Much Angle?
  Angling: Longboard Vs Shortboard
  Top 10 Mistakes – Angling

 How Surf Conditions Affect Waves
 Predicting How Waves will Break
 Identifying & Mind Reading Waves

  Where to Sit?
  Reaction Time
  Precise Positioning: Consistently Read & Adjust
  Peak Positioning at Take Off
  Agility Skills: Spinning & more
  Positioning in a crowded line-up

  Turning on a Longboard
  Cross Step

  Positioning for Speed
  Using the Rails
  The Pumping Technique

  Bottom Turn
  Top Turn

  The Foundation Class
  The Hip Class
  The Masalana Class
  The Pincha Prep Class
  The Shoulder Release Class
  The Twisting Class
  The Heart Opening Class

  Pre-Surf Warm-Up
  Kinstretch for Surfers
  Faster Pop Up Training
  Surfer’s Neck Routine
  Mobility Routine 1: Shoulders & Neck
  Mobility Routine 2: Lower Body
  Mobility Routine 3: Hips

Surf like John

If you watched the video above, you would have seen that John took a completely different learning approach to Bill. As a result, his surfing improved faster and he had more fun in the water. Our online coaching course will help you surf like John.

The program will help you:

  • Learn to surf more efficiently by understanding and putting into practice the three concepts of the Progression Cycle – Awareness, Practice, Re-evaluation
  • Consistently take off in an optimal position by building confidence around the take-off technique that is right for you
  • Improve your paddle technique by learning to minimize drag and maximize propulsion with clear, technical instructions
  • Recognize the forces that get you into unbroken waves and understand how to better tap into them
  • Read waves so that you know which waves you should go for and what position you need to be in for take-off
  • Build speed and momentum by breaking down how to angle your take off, how to “pump”, how to use your rails and gravity to your advantage
  • Understand weight distribution, rail technique, positioning and decision-making to improve your carving skills and cutbacks.
  • And so much more.

When you surf better, you get more out of each session and ultimately have more FUN. Surfing has changed our lives for the better; we look forward to you coming on this journey with us!


You can access our content on your phone, tablet and laptop, as the platform is fully responsive.

You can watch your tutorials on nearly any device:

  • Desktop, laptop, tablet or phone

Additionally, you can watch your content on your TV by:

  • Linking your iPhone phone or Mac computer using Airplay with Apple TV
  • Using an HDMI cord to connect a computer or laptop to your TV

Over the years, we have gained significant knowledge on how surfers progress, what are the key techniques they need to learn, what are the most common mistakes, how to fix them, etc.

Originally, we had designed our tutorials to help the hundreds of beginner & intermediate surfers that join our coaching retreats. They are specifically designed for the types of surfers that join our retreats, which are:

  • Surfers that never surfed before or tried only a few times
  • Surfers that are starting to catch & surf unbroken waves by themselves
  • Surfers that can consistently angle their take off & ride the shoulder 
  • Surfers that are working on manoeuvres like cutbacks, floaters, snaps, etc. 
  • You cannot be “too much of a beginner” to benefit from our tutorials. They are built specifically for beginner and intermediate surfers (including ones that have never tried surfing before).
  • You can be too advanced for our tutorials. At the moment we do not have advanced tutorials, for example, how to get barrelled, how to do airs, etc.

If you’re a beginner or an intermediate surfer, we have the package that fits your skills and goals.

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