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Key Elements

Longboards & foamboards

The push up technique only works on longboards & foamboards, because they’re long enough for you to plant your toes on the tail.

Make sure you catch the wave

Give two extra paddle strokes if necessary.

Hands next to pectorals

Once you’ve caught the wave, place your hands flat on top of your surfboard, next to your pectorals.

Push up

Push up with your toes tucked on the tail.

Bring back foot, then front foot

Slide your back foot forward on the surfboard first, to the position of your opposite knee. Then bring your front foot in between your hands.

Knees bent & proper stance

Make sure you feel stable before taking your hands off the board and stand up. Adjust your stance if needed & keep your knees bent.

Look forward

Look forward towards when you want to go.