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Key Elements

Paddle until you really have caught the wave

If you are changing technique because you’re riding a smaller board, it will move with less speed and less stability than bigger boards.

Push your chest up

You want to “push your upper body up” (only your shoulders and chest, a bit like a “cobra pose”).

Bring back foot on the tail

You want to place your back foot on the tail pad. To do so, slide and bend your back knee out to the side of the board’s rail.

Push up using back foot & hands

 This creates the necessary space between your body & the surfboard.

Bring your front foot forward

Throw your front knee forward towards your chest & place your front foot on the board, about 2 inches lower than the palm of your hands.

Stand up

Keep your lower body compressed. Make sure your knees & hips stay low & that you are looking where you want to go.

Keep your stance in mind

The distance between your feet should be shoulder’s width or slightly more. Your front foot shouldn’t have more than a 45-degree opening.