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There is a path, 
a different learning approach that can accelerate your progression & dramatically increase your fun.

Did you just discover surfing and feel like you are facing a monster? Or are you not progressing as quickly as you had anticipated? Are you plateauing & looking to step up your surfing? If so, you are at the right place!

When we started our surfing journey in our late teens, we learned to surf the hard way: by ourselves. Even though we dedicated loads of time & energy, we weren’t progressing to our full potential. Looking back, we understand that most of our mistakes could have been avoided.

Learning to surf as an adult is already tricky enough. Figuring things out by trial and error after getting in the game a bit late is a recipe for frustration & discouragement. As adults, we learn differently than children. We need clear pointers, step-by-step explanations and feedback to make sense of things and integrate them into our surfing.

In the past 10 years, we’ve helped thousands of surfers accelerate their progression on our surf coaching retreats. As a result, we have developed a unique set of skills and knowledge required to build this Online Coaching program. It contains all the essential fundamentals to help beginners & intermediates surf better, faster.

We discovered 3 simple reasons why surfers struggle to progress.

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As a beginner or intermediate, you are almost certainly making one and probably all of these mistakes:

  1. AWARENESS: You lack surf knowledge & are unaware of the foundations you need to build.
  2. PRACTISE: You don’t practise efficiently with proper focus.
  3. RE-EVALUATION: You don’t get enough feedback on your surfing.

If you watched our video about John and Bill, you understood that John took a completely different learning approach than Bill, resulting in much faster progression & more fun in the water.

This program is a tool to help you learn to surf like John. We built it around the same 3 concepts:

1 Awareness
2 Practice
3 Re-Evaluation


  • Watch high-quality video tutorials to get the essential information you need on surf technique & equipment according to your level.
  • Gain critical insights on the foundations you need to build with structured courses.


  • Learn about the most common mistakes we've seen from hundreds of our students and the best ways to fix them.
  • The Key Elements section will help you visualize & focus on the few crucial techniques you need to improve, one at a time.


  • Get feedback & re-evaluate your knowledge or skills by joining Discussions with other surfers & surf coaches from across the world in the Discussions section.
  • Test your knowledge with Quizzes to be more aware of things you don't know enough about.

Our Courses & Tutorials

Our Courses
& Tutorials

  Practice & Illusion of Knowledge
  Feedback & Foundations
  The Progression Loop
  The Automated Brain

  Surfboards for Beginners
  Surfboards for Intermediates

  Minimizing Resistance
  Maximizing Propulsion
  Sprinting & Kicking
  Equipment Drag

  The right Take Off Technique for you?
  Push Up Technique
  Chicken Wing Technique
  Standard Pop Up
  Post-Take Off Position
  Practice at Home

Common Mistakes
  Using the Knees
  Looking Down
  Not Creating Space
  Using Hands Incorrectly

  Push Through
  Turtle Roll
  Duck Dive

  4 Stages of a Wave
  Adapting your Approach – Seafloor, Conditions & Equipment
  The Precise Slope: Using Gravity
  Using your Head’s Weight
  Avoiding Nose Dives
  Last Paddle Strokes & Take Off at the Top

  Angling: What Level is Necessary
  Why Angle the Take Off?
  How to Angle the Take Off
  When & How Much Angle?
  Angling: Longboard Vs Shortboard
  Top 10 Mistakes – Angling

 How Surf Conditions Affect Waves
 Predicting How Waves will Break
 Identifying & Mind Reading Waves

  Where to Sit?
  Reaction Time
  Precise Positioning: Consistently Read & Adjust
  Peak Positioning at Take Off
  Agility Skills: Spinning & more
  Positioning in a crowded line-up

  Turning on a Longboard
  Cross Step

  Positioning for Speed
  Using the Rails
  The Pumping Technique

  Bottom Turn
  Top Turn

  The Foundation Class
  The Hip Class
  The Masalana Class
  The Pincha Prep Class
  The Shoulder Release Class
  The Twisting Class
  The Heart Opening Class

  Pre-Surf Warm-Up
  Kinstretch for Surfers
  Faster Pop Up Training
  Surfer’s Neck Routine
  Mobility Routine 1: Shoulders & Neck
  Mobility Routine 2: Lower Body
  Mobility Routine 3: Hips

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