A Coaching Program to
Surf Better & Have More Fun

Learning to surf is hard and can feel discouraging

Frustrated about not improving fast enough?

Struggling with bad habits that hold you back?

Often not enjoying yourself in the water?

Feeling like an outsider due to a lack of knowledge?

The Coaching Board

One of the biggest keys to unlocking new surfing skills is to know what to focus on depending on where you’re at in your specific progression journey. We created The Coaching Board to help you identify the physical and mental skills you need to acquire according to your experience level.

Find your level

Using our guide to find your level, you can follow the coaching board to linearly progress in the right level. The cards on your level should be the most relevant for you.

Pick a Technique

For each technique, you will find a progression of skills to learn that you can coach yourself through.

Focus on the right thing

Click through and land on the exact timestamp from the tutorial that explains the specific concept you need to learn for your level.