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  • Randall

    November 10, 2021 at 12:56 am

    I am in a similar position as Eamon. I have a 9′ board. I am working on my long board turn which is taking some time and patience. I am thinking strongly about getting a second board that is smaller, so I can do a turn by leaning without having to step back. I am not able to lean turn my 9′. I am 6’0″, about 185 lbs with my wetsuit.

    – I do not want a board that is too small where my rides significantly drop off. What is the size and characteristics of a board that I can lean turn (without going too small).

    – More volume is a good thing,

    – mid rocker,

    I realize that surf board dimension and shape is not standardizeable across boards and people. Please send your opinions, dimensions, thickness, characteristics…tail, fins, etc..

    I am looking for some basic dimensions where I can start my search in the used board market.

    Thanks, Randall