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  • Naomi Bishop

    May 15, 2020 at 6:23 am

    Hi Jules!

    Yes, it is definitely possible. You don’t need to be young or in the physical shape of an athlete to start surfing.

    Of course, being fit will be a significant advantage when learning to surf. Often, some physical limitations can make it a bit harder to learn to surf (for example physical strength, flexibility or endurance). Men often have flexibility issues, especially as they get older. Their hips (for takeoffs) and back (mainly for paddling) can be a bit tight.

    Everybody has a particular physical condition and need to focus on either strength, flexibility, or endurance, while others are already in good shape. 62 is not too old. You know your body, and if you feel like endurance could be a limitation, consider swimming at the local pool. If it’s flexibility, you could consider stretching or yoga, etc.