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  • Karina

    April 30, 2020 at 1:49 am

    Hi !

    From what I’ve experienced through the years, it seems like some websites are better for some parts of the world than others. When I started to surf in Australia, local surfers told me to use Willyweather to analyze swells and wind direction… It was indeed a lot more accurate than the big websites like Surfline or MagicSweaweed, and I had never heard about it before…

    Personally I pay for Surfline Premium, just because it gives me a long term forecast, so I can plan my trips a bit more ahead (even though their long term forecast is far from always being correct, it usually still gives me an idea if a decent swell is on the way. No matter what website you use though, consider that it’s like the weather forecast. Mistakes are common, especially for long term forecasts.