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  • Gabriel Lanoix

    May 15, 2020 at 10:03 am

    Hey! I have ridden one for about a year now. Honestly, there are so many product innovations that I’ve tried and couldn’t feel any difference (especially new fins!). But as for this leash, I could actually feel a bit of a difference, there is definitely less drag than a traditional leash. I feel it does help me a bit, especially in weak waves. It’s not a total game-changer, but I like to put it on when I know it’s small.

    One thing though, it feels like it stretches a bit too much when waves are more powerful (overhead). I prefer a normal leash in bigger conditions. I’d say if you were planning a surf trip where there would potentially be overhead + waves, you would probably want to bring only one freedom leash and then your traditional leashe(s) too.

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